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depressionIt’s normal for people to go through ups and downs in life. However, in some cases when an “up” fails to follow a “down” then there may be a deeper problem. This is becoming increasingly common today as people are under such pressure, and struggle to cope with the stress. In the West, diagnoses for depression are at record levels and growing. Unfortunately, evidence shows that conventional treatments are having limited success. Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) has an explanation for depression and treatment is highly effective.

Firstly, what symptoms indicate depression? Here are a few:

Low energy
Loss of appetite
Difficulty sleeping
Loss of interest in things you liked
Anger or irritability
Concentration problems
Chest pains

The combination of these symptoms only makes matters worse. The sufferer can become enveloped in a vicious cycle, trapped in an uncontrollable downward spiral. Typically a GP will offer antidepressants and perhaps a course of counselling. TCM takes a radically different approach. Effective and long lasting recovery is brought about only when the body functions properly.

Depression can be seen from many angles in Chinese Medicine, but put simply it’s the result of the body’s inability to nourish itself. This malnourishment centres on the digestive system, which is vital to bodily function. If food cannot be broken down and digested, then the body is deprived of energy to function correctly. This puts strain on everything else in the body to keep things in order, leading to all of the above-mentioned symptoms.

To treat the root cause of this problem, a TCM practitioner will give a full diagnosis and pinpoint the main culprit. Treatment will focus on making the body healthy. When this is achieved, then a healthy mind will follow.

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